Deceased Members

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Northwest Designer Craftsmen wishes to take this opportunity to remember our friends and colleagues who are gone but not forgotten. We hope you will join us in recalling their lives and work, and paying respects to the memory that they leave behind.

Robert Sperry - Founder

Evert Sodergren - Founder

Hella Skowronski - Founder

Coralynn Pence - Founder

Lizel Salzer - Founder

Henry Lin - Founder

Irene McGowan - Founder

Ruth Penington (in memoriam) - Founder


Gloria Crouse - Lifetime

Ron Ho (obituary) - Lifetime

Anne Hawkins - Lifetime

Jim Egbert - Lifetime


Anne Gould Hauberg - Honorary

Anne Todd - Honorary

Don Foster - Honorary

Ruth Nomura - Honorary


Inge Norgaard

Ray Ho

Calvin Killgore

Carolyn Price Dyer

Hannah M. Voss

Hazel Koenig

Liz Checkley Manfredini

Luana Sever

Polly Stehman

Ramona Solberg

Robert S. Purser

Richard E. Wrangle

Fran Reed

Orville Chatt

Louella Simpson

Jean Griffith

Russell Day